Svetlovodsk plant fast-building

Svetlovodsk plant fast-building - one of the leading Ukrainian producers of building structures, is popular among builders and consumers. During his tenure, the plant manufactured products for the construction of 4.6 million m2 of buildings.

Plant fast-building is part of the additional liability "Association Dneproenergostroyprom."

The plant operates since March 1980. Modern technologies used by the fast-building, improve economic performance and significantly reduce construction time by reducing the number of prefabricated units, high portability of designs and mechanization of construction work and improve the quality of buildings through the use of broader planning capacity and high thermal insulation properties of materials.

Given the requirements of our plant specialists together with the design organizations of Ukraine and Russia developed and implemented several projects of logistics centers, supermarkets, housing technology companies using designs produced by the Svetlovodsk plant fast-buildings.

The main activities:

- manufacture of precast concrete structures,

- manufacture of metal construction,

- production of composite structures,

- service delivery structures,

- construction of buildings and structures produced by the plant structures,

- design,

- general contractor.

As part of the medical reform, Ukraine has developed a law on improving the accesibility and quality of medical care in rural areas. Now we have developed several options for building of outpatient clinics of rural medicine.

The main advantages of fast construction of buildings:

strength and durability (fast-building are thorough thermal insulation of buildings, belong to the class 2mu responsibility and have no restrictions on the term of service), fire (all designs belong to the 2nd degree of fire resistance)

Seismic (buildings can be used in areas with seismicity 9 points)

 thermal insulation (design provide comfortable conditions indoors when the outside temperature to 55C-)

adaptability and flexibility (building size 12 * 30 * 6m area of 360m2 is mounted within a week a team of 5 persons.

lack of wet process allows installation in winter

high factory readiness,

significant cost savings compared to alternative types of construction,

ability to remove the building and re-installation elsewhere.