History of plant

Svetlovodsk ...

 His education town on the shores of man-made sea thankful hydropower, whose construction was begun in 1954.  Svetlovodsk - a city of regional significance, and administrative; industrial center.Located on both banks of the Dnieper River at a distance of 140 km from Kirovograd and 130 km from Poltava. The population of Svetlovodsk  is 60.5 thousand people.

 "The combination Dneproenergostroyprom" - one of the oldest businesses Svetlovodsk. The first cubic meter of concrete products was made in 1954. Officially, the union maintains its chronology from 1960. When the seven companies that had provided the construction materials of hydro-electric station on the Dnieper, which was in a state of construction, was combined into complex "Dneprostoroyindustriya." In 1970,the company renamed the Production Association "Dneproenergostroyprom."




 Svetlovodsk plant fast-building - is one of the flagships of  energy and construction industry in Ukraine.

 Today the production capabilities of  "Combining Dneproenergostroyproma", of which

includes: Head plant, fast-building, metal factory,

Reinforced concrete plant products, plant "Stroydetal",  Enlarged auto-transport company - one of the largest industry not only for Ukraine but also in the CIS.


Products of our factory is very popular in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova and other republics in Asia and the Middle East. Concrete products labeled Svetlovodsk association "Dneproenergostroyprom" formed the basis of such gigantic construction projects as "Atommash" Volga and Kama automobile, many nuclear and hydroelectric plants. Hundreds of thousands of power lines, the company produced an electric current are almost the whole of the Eurasian expanse.