Design of fast-building

Engineering Department Svetlovodsk plant designs quickly-building performs in the stages of working drawings QOL (construction concrete) and AC (AEC solution).We provide clients with a full and adequate set of design documentation. The core set of working drawings includes:

 1. totals

 2. floor Plans

 3. sections

 4. facades

 5. floor plans (on request)

 6. roof plan

 7. arrangement of prefabricated elements

 8. sites

 9.specifications for the layout



 We design:

 • buildings and industrial purposes;

 • office and administration buildings;

 • buildings for religious services;

 • cottages and townhouses.

 • Agricultural use of the building

 • building recreational facilities


High-quality residential or industrial building is a consequence of the implementation of a clear and coherent plan, secured a professional approach and skilled labor. The technology frame construction - optimum design solution in a rapidly growing real estate market in Ukraine. The use of technology frame construction comply with safety requirements, according to climatic conditions typical of the Ukraine, significantly reducing time and cost of the project, as well as the value of its future maintenance.

The technology frame construction used in such facilities as warehouse and logistics centers, retail and shopping centers, office centers, exhibition and sports complexes, industrial buildings, hangars, car dealers, port terminals, etc. In addition, during construction to guarantee the realization of individual architectural design of the object.

 Facilities, construction of which was used is called frame construction of the building quickly mounted. In the construction industry is one problem: every building must meet certain standards, so it is obligatory that well-designed project.