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How does the church?

What distinguishes the church from just a building with four walls and a roof?

The temple is the image of the kingdom of heaven, so it is symbolic device.The main part of any Orthodox church - this is an altar in the center of which is the throne - the most sacred place of the temple. The middle part of the church marks the spiritual world, it is separated from the altar, iconostasis.

How many church domes?

If a throne in the temple, then in the middle of the church is a dome. If the church is under the same roof, but the main thing, several altars from the throne, then over the middle part of each of them also being constructed dome. But the exterior of the dome on the roof is not always strictly correspond to the number of aisles. For example, two chapters of the mean and the two natures (divine and human) of Christ, three chapters - three Persons of the Holy Trinity;five chapters represent Christ and the four Evangelists, seven - the seven sacraments and the seven ecumenical councils, nine chapters - nine ranks of angels, thirteen - Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles, and sometimes built and more chapters.

Council may be small, and large chapel

Cathedral - the main temple in the city or monastery. The name "cathedral" due to the fact that this church is going to clergy from other churches for the solemn service.As the solemn service is often led by a bishop, the council must be a "bishop's seat" - the elevation at the center of the temple, on which stands the bishop when he is not in worship at the altar. In this case the size of the cathedral is not necessarily the biggest temple in the city.

A church without an altar (and therefore without the throne) is called a chapel. The chapel does not serve the Divine Liturgy. In the ancient chapel were placed over the subterranean temples, tombs of the martyrs to be structured - to indicate the location of the seats, or on the ground, marked by a grace of God.Usually there are small chapel, but not necessarily - for example, the chapel of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon in Moscow next to Lubyanka Square (demolished in the 30s) was very large (it was considered the largest chapel in Russia).

Where to start?

Construction of the temple is important to start with the blessing of the ruling bishop of the diocese. Because the church is not built by himself, and for the church community, then, if the city or village of such a community there, it must create and register.For registration of the community requires that it included at least ten people - the so-called "ten".

 Father Daniel advised to beware of the architects, who, instead of the design to take into account the wishes of the parish, are beginning to engage in self-expression and embodiment of their creative ideas - the result may be something not very similar to the temple.Ideally, of course, that the church designed by architect with experience in the construction of temples.

 Svetlovodsk plant fast-building has extensive experience in building places of worship, our factory will not only help design a temple, church, parochial school - to deliver to the site design and assemble all in accordance with the approved project.


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