Concrete products

Concrete products – are an acronym that combines a huge group of building materials of concrete. In various technical and design documentation are referred to as concrete products precast concrete or reinforced concrete structures. Reinforced concrete for half centuries of its existence, has proven to be reliable, durable and undemanding to use the building material.

 Svetlovodsk plant fast-building sells concrete products since 1980. During this time, our team has learned about the precast concrete almost everything. For nearly three decades, sale and delivery of concrete products is one of the main branches of our company. Since the list of supplied concrete products is more than one page of text, for readability we had sort products by category.

Reinforced concrete and concrete products from it.

The first concrete products appeared in the middle of the XIX century. On the role of the author and creator of the father-reinforced claims more than one candidate.

The invention of reinforced concrete has dramatically changed the direction of the construction industry as a whole. Prevailing prior to the mid-19th century materials could not compete with reinforced concrete in many ways. Basically, we are talking about the strength of reinforced concrete products or concrete structures, its durability, resistance to moisture, temperature extremes, effects of vibration loads and earthquakes. Reinforced maestro here was out of competition.

 Reinforced concrete - composition and properties

Reinforced concrete has a number of unique characteristics that make it ideal material for building structures responsible such as dams, hydroelectric power plants, dams, airports, earthquake-proof construction, nuclear power plants and so on, so forth. What can we say about the usual civil engineering. Here, concrete structures and concrete products as tightly included in the list of most-used materials as brick, structural concrete, wood, building blocks, etc. What is a concrete products in the section.

 Concrete products - complex materials that combine two basic interacting elements: a steel construction rebar and cement concrete. By working together, the two "ingredients" make indispensable anything until construction material with high compressive strength and on the same tensile strength at the same time.

 Where to apply concrete products

Despite the fact that in recent years significantly increased the volume of monolithic construction, consumer demand for concrete products is not falling. Suffice it to say that the sale of concrete products is not only not decreased but even increased.

 Where are the concrete products are used:

• Foundations: precast reinforced concrete piles that block and the foundation.

• Walls: ready-made concrete panels

• Floors: still slabs are the same demand as in the early nineties. Due to special steaming, reinforced concrete floor slabs are factory initial strength equal to 65-75% of the project. Since the design strength of the concrete slab is always laid with the stock, we have completely finished goods that can withstand the workload immediately after installation.

• Plates road and pavement: reinforced concrete products essential items when you need speed and efficiency in travel arrangements for vehicles and equipment at the construction site floor in a building completely.

• Fences concrete.


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