Commercial and industrial construction

Industrial building - a task for a professional team of builders, but not for the entrepreneur who intends to run indoors. We have extensive experience in the construction of industrial facilities and are ready to fulfill your order with the highest professionalism.

A common solution for today are pre-fabricated buildings, thereby significantly decreasing line commissioning, as well as significantly reducing costs.

In industrial engineering, design registration plays an unimportant role, and the main factor of quality is the durability, strength and comfort built building.

Industrial engineering is a very important process, which must be accompanied by serious control at every stage of the work. This need, we put at the head of our actions, because this will directly depend not only match of the final product to customer requirements, but also the safety of workers.

 On account of our factory made dozens of industrial construction.


Produced by the construction of quickly building - wall panels, floor slabs can mount a building height of 3,4,6,8 m and a width up to 12m in length, any length, in this case inside the building are kept free of the column, as the wall panels are carriers. For areas larger than a width of 12m, we use the column, girders, beams, prefabricated in this version - internal grid of columns available in size 6 * 12m, 12m 12 *, 12 * 18m, 12 x 24m.If you still want more tall building, we can design, fabricate and construct a building frame type, while its height can be about 15-18m as a one-story, and performance in high-rise


 All insulated concrete structures, sandwich. Used as insulation materials allow the use of fast-building in areas where the outdoor temperature to - 55 ° C. Structures of buildings height of 6 m, 4 m, and two-storey buildings can be used for construction in seismic areas, with an estimated seismicity 9 points. Fast building are capital reinforced concrete buildings and have no restrictions on the term of service.

Please note that we have experience of producing designs for the construction of feeding systems for growing animals and birds using the German, Austrian and Danish technologies. This room is 4 meters high and 6 meters, a width of 12 and 18 meters, the length of the building is a multiple of 3 meters. In buildings with a width of 18m on the wall panels are installed, metal trusses, which settles the roof.

In the constructions of industrial buildings with 6m possibility of installation of crane lifting capacity of 5 tons. Have experience in the construction of single-story buildings up to 8.9, '17 The main advantage of our designs - the possibility of high-speed assembly. The building size 12h30 m erected in one week with minimal labor and cost.



 The supporting foundation of most buildings is space frame system consisting of interconnected columns, walls, beams and slabs.

Reinforced concrete - for now the best selling material for the construction of building frames, representing a synthetic construction material used in which the rational combination of concrete and reinforcement. The use of concrete as a material for the frame is not just historically selection and decision, which for many decades to defend their right to exist because of the unique qualities of concrete: high strength, durability, high fire resistance, manufacturability, low cost, frost, resistance to aggressive media and more.

 The practice of quickly building Svetlovodsk plant showed the advantages of frame buildings to significantly improve the quality of consumer housing (and non-residential facilities) at the expense of free space-planning decisions.

Using the skeletal structures of the building opens up wide possibilities for solving problems of consumer and satisfies   basic rules for choosing the optimum structural system:

 1) the ability to build housing at any level of comfort (from social to elite);

2) the rate of construction and all-season;

 3) The minimum consumption of materials;

 4) the ability to build facilities for any purpose (residential, administrative and public buildings);




 1. The strength and durability. Fast building are capital warmed reinforced concrete buildings, belong to the class II responsibilities and have no restrictions on the term of service. Snow load for IV and V areas, for IV wind region.

 2. Fire Safety. All designs belong to the II degree of fire resistance.

 3. Seismic stability. Buildings can be used in areas with seismicity 9 points.

 4. Thermal insulation. Design provide comfortable conditions indoors when the outside temperature from +50 to -55 ° C.

 5.Workability and versatility. A set of wall panels with windows, doors, doorways and technology portal allows complete single-and multi-building for various purposes without any restrictions on the area of the building. You can install overhead crane capacity 5tonn.

 6. Building size 360 m2 area 12h30h6m mounted for one week a team of 5 persons. The absence of "wet" process allows for installation in the winter.

 7. High factory readiness. All designs are assembled factory-built with mobile cranes, connections - welded.

 8. Significant cost savings compared to alternative types of construction.

 9. The possibility of dismantling the building and re-installation elsewhere.


Please contact us and our experts are always ready to be taken even the most complex project.


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