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Recently, more and more urban residents tend to move somewhere far away from the bustle of the metropolis. It does not matter whether the person intends to live permanently in a country house or want to temporarily take a break from work: solving the housing issue relevant in any case. Everyone chooses the most convenient option: rent, buy or build housing.

Housing construction - the best option for mes, who knows what he wants to get a result and not waste time and money on remodeling or repair the finished home.Of course, for that would build a house that will meet all the requirements of the host, too, will take some time.But today, with the advent of construction companies that are willing to perform all design and construction work completed, construction of country houses is no longer perceived as a long-term action with a lot of "gotchas" and complexities.

We carry out the construction of any residential and business buildings in all regions of Ukraine. You just stock up on provisions and to bring in a new country house of his friends and family and enjoy your vacation!

Homebuilding Svetlovodsk plant fast-building offers 2 different ways.

 1.Design of fast-type buildings with frameless bearing wall panels for low-rise buildings, cottages, townhouses, one-story, two-story unit and the possibility of third attic floor.

 2. Box-frame construction of apartment houses. In the precast-frame version proposed shelf prefabricated manufactured at the plant: the foundations of the glass type, beams, columns, slabs and coatings.




 An important advantage of both options is the construction of an open plan ground floor are not dependent on the overlap.

So if you want to do any layout in free space floors of the building - you can have the room, the room.


Wall guard may carry out three-layer insulated wall panel manufacturing plant Svetlovodsk BMP or any piece materials - concrete, brick and so on. Given the configuration of the shelves, wall padding may perform light-weight, on each floor, and not a solid wall at all, for example, 9 or 16 floors. In this case, the wall thickness decreases.


The package includes every building wall panels, floor slabs on the ground floor slab, walls (in some projects). If there is a passport it is possible to calculate the land supply and construction of the foundation.

Trim window and door units, as well as a hip roof unit is made when choosing a buyer of the material.

 Shipment of goods can be made by rail, by road.

Wall and roof panels are a fast-construction of buildings - reinforced sandwich - panels with expanded polystyrene insulation and plaster layer.

 All designs are assembled by welding. Interpanel joints are sealed to form insulated "strain" the joint.

The plant provides services for the installation of structures.


 The products are certified in UkrSEPRO.

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