Buildings for agricultural purposes

Svetlovodsk plant fast-building offers to the manufacture and supply of building design for construction of feeding facilities for the Danish, Dutch technology of growing animals.All designs are manufactured in the factory, insulated. The package may include the construction of foundations, wall panels, roof panels, pillars, metal farm.

Buildings for agricultural purposes, to undertake in two versions, with designs of fast-building, manufactured by our factory.

Option 1

The building of agricultural structures are projected using fast-building series 7075.

The size of the building in terms of 18x ... m, height up to 4m. Lighting through the side window openings, size 2000h570mm. For mechanical ventilation devices provide openings 1200h300, 600h300 mm. The size of openings can be changed.

 The structural layout of the building - frame. Rama formed rigidly clamped in the vertical load-bearing foundations edges of wall panels and metal trusses hinged support coverage that is provided for mounting the welding of the support sheet to mortgage the farm nodes supporting wall panels.

The spatial coverage provided by the disc rigidity vertical and horizontal linkages. Additional spatial stiffness makes welding inserts  extreme end panels on the farm.

 Front and end walls are installed in the foundations of the glass type.

Wall panels of reinforced concrete, complex, used as insulation polystyrene PSB-S with flame retardant, M-25 up to 150mm thick ot75 depending on the climate of the construction area.


As a load-bearing structures are designed metal cover farm.

On steel trusses in the ceiling as laid galvanized corrugated decking PK45-974-0.55-mount upper flange cover self-tapping screws in each wave in a checkerboard pattern.

As profiled decking floor-mount farm runs out of stacked curved channels.

Next, fit insulation and steam heat-insulating layer of fireproof insulation «Rockwool» 100mm thick.

Coating of galvanized corrugated sheet PK57-960-0, 7 and fit Self-tapping screw is fastened with a rubber gasket in the trough of the wave.

Exterior finish and colors of acrylic facade facades executed enamel with the nature of the existing building and the exterior facade of the passport.

Window filling - Aluminum window frames with glass panes. Metal doors insulated fire.

Option 2

The building of agricultural structures are projected using fast-building series 7075.

The building is two-span, the size of the building in terms of ... 24-m height 4m.

The structural layout of the building - frame.The frame is formed in the beaker clamped foundation columns, hinged on the foundation vertical carrier edges of wall panels and hinged cover designs of bolts and ribbed slabs the size of 3h12m.All horizontal loads are seen clamped in the basement columns and wind constraints. The walls are going out of the wall panels, developed a series of projects in 7075, "Energotehprom."

End walls are connected to the roof slab at the top level of slabs.

Slab based on the longitudinal load-bearing walls and girders span 6m, fastened to the columns of welds.

Buildings are solved with a little of the slope, with the outer unorganized drain.

Wall panels and roof slab of reinforced concrete, comprehensive, as insulation is applied brand penopolisitrol NDE-25, a thickness of 75 to 150mm, depending on the climate of the construction area.

Doorways in the building 3h3m.

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